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Chinese Cards :
Cards on the contemporary and old China (Houses and streets from Pekin)

Small postcards (105 x 150 mm) : N° C1 to C8
- N° C9 to C17
Large postcards (210 x 150 mm) : N° C30 to C34  - N° C35 to C37

Japanese Cards :
Cards on the old and modern Japan (Shangai).

Large postcards (210 x 150 mm) : N° J1 to J5
- N° J6 to J10 - N° J11 to J15 - N° J16 to J19

Price : Small card : 1 euro TTC - Large card : 2 euros TTC

ORDER (By mail)

Quantity (minimum) for order : 12 small cards or 6 large cards.
Sending after payment.
Postal expenses added (according to each country)
Payment by postal order to EDITIONS BLUSSON
(BP 483 - 75528 Paris Cedex 11 France) or by euro check (on French Bank only)

Discount for BOOKSELLERS AND CARDS MERCHANTS : please, contact us by mail